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How to monitor and control mining operations? How to track the real-time performance crypto investment? How to take the best possible decisions to maximize returns of crypto assets?

NimbleMine is E2BS’ renowned solution to consistently manage crypto operations and assets.

Thanks to NimbleMine software suite, we provide customers the opportunity to have an effective and friendly dashboard to view both the operational and financial status of their investments. Detailed miner data, including physical state, hashrate and earnings, can be quickly and easily accessed, along with exchanged and pricing information for desired cryptocurrencies.

NimbleMine for crypto operations


Avoid complexity and take advantage of a zero-maintenance solutions to manage your mining farm


Enable predictive and adaptive mining to ensure the highest effectiveness with the lowest possible power consumption


Seamlessly manage different hardware (GPU, FPGA, ASIC) without constraints or compliance issues.

NimbleMine for crypto assets


Bypass the fragmentation of most marketed solutions with a unique, consistent view of crypto investments status.


Agree and apply rules to automate trading processes and workflows, define and operate appropriate profit-switching strategies.


Benefit from full traceability and accountability at any time.


Automate reporting to verify policy compliance and clearly correlate energy usage with crypto revenue.

NimbleMine is an added value
for all E2BS customers

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