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Although conceptualized more than ten years ago, blockchain is such a transformative and disruptive technology that it can be difficult to understand its potential business models, and how to monetize related investments.

At its core, blockchain allows individuals and organizations to interact over a peer-to-peer network without any intermediary. Being based on a precise consensus model, strong cryptography and a distributed ledger, the chain is transparent, immutable, and intrinsically secure, assuring complete decentralization and disintermediation.


Generalized Mining or Mining 2.0 is the process in which Decentralized systems leverage economic incentives to recruit high-quality service and infrastructure providers, so that the systems obtains desirable characteristics.

The primer example of this concept is Mining: the process used to secure most blockchains and to add records, in exchange for cryptocurrencies. In the Mining 2.0 arena, there are different opportunities to participate in remunerative crypto networks, from power-driven Proof of Work (PoW) models to cryptoasset-driven as Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms or Bitcoin Lightning Network liquidity provider.

Eco Energy Blockchain Solutions
is your trusted partner to invest and grow in Mining 2.0

We provide solid knowledge and trustworthy expertise to evaluate existing and new crypto networks, acting as the one-stop-shop for blockchain consensus turn-key operations.

We master both PoW and PoS consensus models to offer agnostic, independent services and consultancy and engage in profitable networks with adequate technological and financial resources.

Leveraging our financial and legal competence, we also offer business and fiscal consultancy, accounting management, support for banking relations and capital investments, including crypto to fiat (government-issued currency) conversions.


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PoW is nowadays a stable and acknowledged consensus mechanism, well known for its openness and ultimate security. Thanks to a 100% green and renewable energy powered factory, a reliable infrastructure and performing hardware resources, we provide first-class management of crypto PoW mining at scale on behalf of our customers, running hassle-free and secure mining operations with attractive profit potential.

We apply algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to enable predictive and adaptive mining, dynamically reallocating resources to ensure the highest effectiveness with the lowest possible power consumption. Investors can track earnings in real-time and access customized profit estimate models.

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Discover our Mining 2.0 services


In decentralized financial environments, we pioneer PoS protocols and help investors to turn their crypto assets into profits. Up to 25% of the total cryptocurrency market is forecasted to use PoS as a security model by the end of 2019.

We operate in a wide range of PoS blockchains and advise our customers with the most promising to choose from. By taking part in the PoS consensus mechanism, we support them in acting their wallets as staking pools and share a part of their rewards.

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