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Smart, predictive, sustainable, swiss guaranteed crypto mining

In the internet of value age, Blockchain technology enables disintermediated, peer-to-peer exchanges of any sort of value, be it data, money, stocks, property deeds, digital royalties and more.

About Us

We are the one-stop-shop for blockchain services turn-key operations, offering a complete palette of services and solutions to enable companies to profitably invest in blockchain powered ecosystems.

Our customers are granted access to high level technologies, infrastructures, expertise and professional know-how – the same that we leverage to run our own core operations.

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Sharing knowledge and experience

E2BS, by taking care of all aspects related to crypto mining is an enabler for anyone seeking to exploit the opportunities in decentralised ecosystems.

E2BS provides access to the same technologies, infrastructures, experiences, knowledge and professional services (technical, financial, legal and administrative) that E2BS uses to run it’s own core operations.

The palette of services and solutions offered by E2BS ranges from individual services, to turn-key mining enabler up to fully managed services for mining operations (PoW, PoS).

Eco Energy Blockchain Solutions blends blockchain, technology, cybersecurity, finance and business knowledge to offer smart, predictive and sustainable services in the decentralized economy.



We leverage advanced software and machine learning competences to optimize our processes and maximize results for our stakeholders.

Thanks to our algorithmic approach, we are able to dynamically reallocate computing and financial resources every minute, thus ensuring the highest effectiveness with the lowest possible power consumption.

At Eco Energy Blockchain Solutions, we commit to the most profitable contribution to decentralized systems.


We use Artificial Intelligence tools to forecast upcoming crypto trends and turn data into actionable information. We mine where anyone else has not arrived yet.

At Eco Energy Blockchain Solutions, we don’t follow, but move one step ahead.


Our mining factories use 100% green and renewable energy, as they are located in modern and efficient hydroelectric and windfarm plants.

But there’s more. A unique combined cycle process allows us to reuse up to 80% of the power our servers consume by recovering the generated heat.

At Eco Energy Blockchain Solutions, we are far beyond zero carbon footprint

Swiss guaranteed

We are headquartered in Switzerland with operations in Switzerland and Germany. We take advantage of a clear and stable regulatory framework and a nurturing entrepreneurial culture, where we are encouraged to apply straight-arrow business conduct practices while creating value for our community.

At Eco Energy Blockchain Solutions, compliance and transparency always come first.


Our Services


Mining 2.0

Although conceptualized more than ten years ago, blockchain is such a transformative and disruptive technology that it can be difficult to understand its potential business models, and how to monetize related investments.

At its core, blockchain allows individuals and organizations to interact over a peer-to-peer network without any intermediary. Being based on a precise consensus model, strong cryptography and a distributed ledger, the chain is transparent, immutable, and intrinsically secure, assuring complete decentralization and disintermediation.

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How to monitor and control mining operations? How to track the real-time performance crypto investment? How to take the best possible decisions to maximize returns of crypto assets?

NimbleMine is E2BS’ renowned solution to consistently manage crypto operations and assets.

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Our Team




Luca Ambrosini

Technology and Operations

Software engineer, with the ‘can do’ attitude, he has been actively researching blockchain technologies at the intersection with Artificial Intelligence. Luca got a Master of Science in Engineering during which he actively worked as a researcher on distributed systems and blockchain technologies.
He has been a crypto enthusiast since 2013 and worked on mining farm control systems, mining pools and automatic trading tools based on algorithmic strategies and Artificial Intelligence. He is currently involved in the development of blockchain scaling solutions and decentralised finance products.

Cristian Bovino

Technology and Operations

IT engineer specializing in cybersecurity, he graduated at SUPSI University. He started like a system manager in the cybersecurity and network sector with a main focus on the honeypot data analysis, main topic of his master's thesis.
His main interest is security applied to mining and blockchains with a careful eye on new technologies to keep up with innovation.

Cristian passions they made him to discover the mining world that started as a hobby, with the approach ‘learn by doing’ started to manage different kind of mining hardware and software. Now his pastime grown up it at professional level and became a work.

Felipe Cardoso

Technology and Operations

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.
Skilled in Software Development and Data Analysis. Graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) with a BSc in Computer Science in 2017, and obtained a Master of Science Engineering from the same university in 2020. His main interests spans across several areas of computer science, such as human behavior and social dynamics, human-machine interactions, data mining and network science.

Andrea Ravano

Technology and Operations

Product designer with a focus on visual communication systems and interface design and development.He’s passionately committed to giving technology a shape, so as to make it useful, usable and enjoyable for the human being.
Graduated in industrial design at Politecnico di Milano, he has been designing digital products since 2016 with a human-centered approach.

He has a true horizontal knowledge about digital products design and development, visual communication, project management, research and identification of problems, which makes it versatile and productive in all the different stage of a project.

Heye Roolfs

Technology and Operations

Graduated with a degree in economy and international trade at the University of applied science in Bremen. He started his career as a nautical officer on various merchant ships. Next, he worked in a German Container Terminal as Yard Planner and as a software consultant.
Now he is managing his farm with more than a 100-hectare field and 20.000 chicken. He has over 8 years experience in renewable energies, operating a solar farm and he is a shareholder in different wind turbine projects. He is the head of E2BS German operations.

Silvia Vergani

Marketing and Communication

Passionate about media and communication, she started her professional career in 1998 in the hi-tech industry. After practicing in product PR, in 2003 she joined Burson-Marsteller (now Burson Cohn & Wolfe) to take care of media relations for Italian and global companies.
She experienced in corporate and crisis communication, also coordinating and delivering lots of media training projects.

In 2015 she decided to grow as an independent consultant, and in 2016 she founded B-Story. Current assignments include corporate PR and reputation management, media relations and digital PR, internal communication, crisis preparedness and communication, training, copywriting.

Manuela Gaiatto

Legal, Finance and Compliance

After graduating in economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Manuela started her business activity in Switzerland where, with a multi-year experience as accountant and auditor, she gained the skills of business consultant and senior auditor.
In 2011, Manuela received certification as chief auditor from the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority FINMA.

Over the last twelve years she has been cooperating with Consolida SA, with whom she strengthened her abilities in Fiduciary services (accountancy, tax advisory, staff management, tax declarations) and Auditing services (limited statutory auditing, review, due diligence).



Alessandro Cavadini

Legal, Finance and Compliance

Graduated in business administration at the University of Zurich, he is founding partner of the consulting boutique Celio Cavadini & Partners with offices in Lugano and Ambrì (Switzerland). He is an experienced financial and strategic advisor, specialized in business valuations and M&A transactions.
He is also active as investor and board member for local enterprises as well as lecturer in Business Economics at SUPSI University and at Innosuisse start-up training program.

Stefano Camponovo

Legal, Finance and Compliance

Multi-year experienced tax advisor operating in Ticino. After graduating at St. Gallen, he experienced some internship abroad, then started to work as Tax Officer in Bellinzona. Heading his family firm, taken over in 1993, he has implemented the core business over the years,
diversifying its activities in several key areas such as Fiduciary services (tax planning, accounting, trust), Financial services (asset management, wealth management), Investments (real estates, corporate investments, private equity) and other services (sports and athletes, yacht and sail, fine arts). He is now betting on this new crypto challenge.

Paolo Rossi

Energy and Infrastructure

CEO of the Swiss utility AEM SA, which is developing the first Swiss commercial “Smart Grid” and it’s testing the introduction of new markets tool (for instance: area of self-consumption, blockchain).Chairman and CEO (1997-2007) of the Swiss utility AET (Azienda Elettrica Ticinese).
The utility is managing hydro, nuclear, coal and biomass production sites, in Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany. Executive Chairman of REnInvest SA (2007-2010), a wind parks developer. Senior advisor (2010-2013) of DPT Renew Sagl a Swiss company operating in the power sector among others in Italy, India and Ethiopia. Chairman and General Manager (from 2013) of the Greek wind farm Anemos Makedonias and Aiolos & Fthiotida.

Work with Us

We are looking for skilled, energetic professionals to grow our team, contribute to the development of our company and offer customers unparalleled mining services and solutions.

Open Positions

Full-stack Developer

We are looking for a highly motivated Full Stack Blockchain developer.

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Business Developer B2T

We are looking for a experienced Business Developer B2T (Business to Territory) for a full time job

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